Looking Glass Pendant

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When I was about to graduate from college, my father wrote me the sweetest letter about the day I was born.  It is the only letter I have written in his handwriting.  After his sudden passing, it became the most treasured thing I own.  One of the first pieces of jewelry I designed was a little time capsule.  In it I kept a tiny copy of his letter so that I would have a constant reminder of him.  

A few years later,  while browsing the antique shops on Portobello Rd in London, I found an adorable charm.  It was a little church with a tiny window. To my surprise, when held up to the light, thru the little lens, I could read the words to a lovely prayer in its entirety.  

I never forgot the details of that charm; the delight of the surprise and the sweetness of the sentiment.    This inspired me to create a new charm with my father's letter. 

I hope that my Looking Glass inspires you to create something deeply personal, meaningful and heartfelt...

The Charmed Circle Looking Glass.  A modern version of a little telescope, now you can always carry your most treasured memory.   A handmade lens tucked inside the charm will hold your special message or photo.  Just send us the jpeg file and it will be transformed into your custom charm.

The chain is adjustable so you can wear as a lariat or simple necklace. 

29.5" chain  / 2.25" X .4 " pendant

4-6 weeks delivery

Custom orders are non refundable.

Please email us your photograph or special message to Info@charmedcircle.com.