Charmed Circle

Charmed circle (noun) – a group of people who are special or powerful in some way; a group marked by exclusiveness.   

We all have a ‘charmed circle.’ Whether this is a new term to you or not, you can quite simply think of it as your group of gal pals, the closest and best friends, the ones who know everyone’s secrets. The friends who influence you the most.  The friends who are always in the know.

Our first muse we’d like to introduce you to is the one and only Jane Birkin. She is the essence of a Charmed Circle girl.  The consummate "It girl "of the 70's.  Free spirited and controversial, her girl next door style remains modern and fresh.  And we are digging deep into Birkin’s world, along with her ‘charmed circle’…what they wear, where they travel, the foods they eat, the music they listen to. Follow us along, and bring your circle with.


x, G